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Stephanie Burgess is the definition of an equestrian. Her entire life has been surrounded by and dedicated to all things equine. Stephanie boasts over 15 years of professional experience in the horse industry in and surrounding New Jersey. Born and raised in Southampton, NJ, Stephanie has been riding since she was 18 months old. A fearless and skillful young rider, she was jumping by age 3 on her beloved childhood ponies, Duchess and Star. At the age of 16, Stephanie developed an interest in Dressage. It was around this time, as well, that she began to work with the training aspects by breaking a green un-raced Thoroughbred. It was from these experiences, Stephanie’s determination for establishing a successful riding program grew.

Some of Stephanie’s highlights in training and riding include:
In 2006, Stephanie gained ownership of an OTTB from Re-Run. This horse, Blades of Silver, went on to train to First Level Dressage under Stephanie’s training. He is now a critical part of her lesson program at SLM Dressage.

In 2010, Stephanie purchased a Canadian Warmblood x Clydesdale that was at the New Holland auction. This horse, whose fate was unknown at the auction, has gone on to train to third level dressage. This horse, Jazz, has competed successfully at Training Level, 1st Level, and 2nd Level under the tutelage of Nikki Serge.

In 2014, Stephanie has had an amazing opportunity to work with Nikki Serge's Obelix – a 1996 Dutch WB imported from Holland! Obelix and Stephanie together have been competing regularly and have recently earned their USDF Bronze and Silver Medals!

Stephanie is not only a riding instructor, but a student herself. She pushes herself to set the example of a dedicated equestrian for all of her students, both young and old. She is currently enrolled in the USDF “L“ Program to begin her journey to become a dressage judge. Stephanie completed Part 1 : A,B,C, in March and has been accepted into Part 2, which is in Colorado and California (June, August, October 2016). Her goal this year: achieve 4 scores 65% or higher at 4th level to be accepted into the little “r” judging program!

Stephanie’s most recent accomplishment came in April 2016, earning her USDF Silver Medal on Obelix, she also earned her USDF Bronze Medal on Nikki Serge and Eileen Scheineman’s Obelix in October 2014. In 2015 she completed requirements for her ECRDA Bronze and Gold Medals. Stephanie also earned her ESDCTA Silver and Gold Medals in 2015. Keep an eye out for this pair competing at the FEI Intermediare I this season!

Stephanie currently teaches riders of all ages and abilities at her farm in Southampton, NJ, as well as having instructional privileges at Willow Creek Farm in Southampton and Suddenly Farm in Lumberton.

Stephanie also has two Bachelor degrees, including her Elementary Teaching certification and is highly qualified to teach History through high school. She lives in Southampton with her husband and their son. Stephanie enjoys spending time with her family and the extended family her riders become.